Sunday, April 13, 2014

Back, From the Grave

Well not really as I'm neither dead nor am I playing undead but it has been quite a long time since I posted and quite a long time since I played WarmaHordes, well, I played again!

Jason and I got together last Tuesday at Total Escape, with both of us playing for the first time in a very long time.  I decided that I was going to play my professionally painted (by an award winning painter.  Seriously.  He's won awards.  And some of them are even for painting!) Legion and Jason decided that as he bought some new miniatures (!) he wanted to try out a new Circle army.

Arriving at the store, after a pit stop at the worlds worst Burger King for dinner, we noticed that the place was freakin' packed with gamers.  This is totally different than any other Tuesday we'd been there.  Sure there were three games of Bolt Action going on but there were also three other games of Warmachine.  We settled in to our half of one table, gamely ignoring the rising temperature and BO of those around us, and got to the serious business of having fun.  Consistently through the game we screwed powers and such up but that was pretty evenly distributed so I doubt the game was impacted too much in aggregate.

My army was:
Blackfrost Shard

Jason's army was like:
Purebred Warpwolf
Stones w/ Keeper
Lord of the Feast
Ulna the Falconer
Razorwing Griffon
Scarsfell Griffon
min Farrow bone Grinders

Some substituting for Ulna there but shiny new Griffons on the prowl.

Thagrosh says "Smell the Glove" to Typhon!

Blackfrost in action, with the Carnivean lurking behind them.

Low quality picture but you can see we're swarming forward there.

Badly staged picture of Jason's guys on his right.

After we each ran forward I charged the LoF with the swordsmen (well 2 of them, the rest ran) and the one guy in contact managed to kill him.  The next turn Jason attacked my swordsmen with his Griffons and killed two of them.  On his right his white warpwolf with some bonus movement got into contact with Typhon and I forgot about Death Shroud, and Jason managed to kill him with his very last attack.  On my turn I activated the swordsmen and managed to kill one Griffon and left the other with two points so he ended up getting gorked by my fully charged Forsaken who blew off his fury and, in addition to killing the Griffon put some more hurt on the white warp wolf.  There was too much stuff between my Carnivean and the white warp wolf so Thagrosh killed it and feated bringing Typhon back as a meat shield between him and Kormac.  The Carnivean advanced and with boosted breath attacks managed to hurt no one.

 Before the end... and before I brought back Typhon

So Jason ended up beasting out Kormac and nearly killing Thagrosh but almost only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades!

Almost but not quite, two transfers left and still alive.

So on my activation Jason conceded defeat as both my beasts were alive and standing next to Kormac and Thagrosh was right there with them.  Fun times!

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