Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Is This Blog Dead?

I'll answer my own question: Not yet!  I'm going to be posting some WIP pictures of my new Earthbreaker.  The "metal bits" are airbrushed black, steel, silver.  The rest of it was airbrushed with a kit I bought for some WW2 American gear (an M24 Chaffee, Jeeps, M5 HMC, etc.) that I loved so much I decided that it should be my "dwarf scheme" if you will.  The kit is called AFV Painting System; US Army Olive Drab, Verde Oliva USA 78.402

It's got 6 paints in it, in order of application they are:
608 - US Olive Drab Primer
013 - Yellow Olive
016 - US Dark Green
043 - Olive Drab
044 - Light Grey/Green
522 - Satin Varnish (not applied to the mini)

Vallejo also makes similar sets for German, Russian and British tanks too in case you're interested.

Like I said it's a WIP and I took the photo on our dining room table so the quality of the lighting is off but still, that Earthbreaker is CRABTASTIC!

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