Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pictures Found!

Apparently I have too many devices to keep track of which one I used to take pictures with versus which one I used to run War Room...  So here's some "snaps" as our non-existent readers from the UK might say.

Jason's Jacks and casters.

Jason's Troops

My Army

From the front, he's so tall!

Jason's army deployed. Stormblades, knights, and the rest.

After my first movement.  Everyone runs forward...

After my shooting.  You can see the lack of Stormblades there on the left, the Nyss just outside the "crater" that Siege made for his Long Gunners to hide in.  And you can see the cluster of knights, the guy I targeted is behind the Jack there and hard to see but you get the idea that there were lots of guys under the template and they were getting thrown back into the wall for even more damage.

Picking up after the sadly short game.

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