Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Guilt and Vanishing Pictures

Guilt and Vanishing Pictures indeed, so a few weeks ago Jason and I played at Total Escape, it was meant to be an epic 50 point battle for the history books but it really didn't turn out that way and to top it off my pictures of the game were deleted off of my tablet by person or persons unknown.  I describe it a bit, based on my memory my army was:

Nyss with Valachev
Widowmaker Marksman
Harlan Versh

Jasons army was:
Journeyman Warcaster
Capt. Strangeways
Long Gunners
Precursor Knights
Piper of Ord

I deployed and went first, clustered up in the middle of the board so everyone is within 6" of Vlad for spells and then within his control area for Dash, Outriders on the left ran their measly 25", Conquest in the center ran 12" forward, the Nyss ran 14" forward, the rest ran into the space between the Outriders and the Conquest.  Going left to right I was over, near, and at, the center of the table.

Jason was tightly deployed in the center as well, ran the storm blades out front and spread out to cover most of his army.  Precursors were to their left rear (so close to the middle of his army) in shieldwall, the Long Gunners to their left ran into the 5" foxhole that Siege created for them.  The Ironclad to Sieges left Triumph to his right was just out of range of the Conquest.  the Minuteman and Strangeways were on his left and both ran forward.

My turn, my marksman shot and killed Strangeways stranding his Minuteman with no focus and out of Sieges control area.  The Nyss advanced, were Zyphered 3" more, and shot into the edge of the Stormblades killing only two.  The Outriders advanced 9", sprayed the Stormblades killing all but 2 of them and killing the Piper as well.  They then moved 5" further forward to get into spray range of Siege et al next turn.  The Conquest  was too far away to charge so he walked forward 6" and fired his main guns targeting the Knight at the end of their line, that Knight happened to also be close to Siege, Reinhardt, and the Ironclad. DEF13 knight, boost to hit, dice 4, 3, 3 = Critical Devastation.

We put the 4" template out and 7 of the 12 knights, Siege, Reinhardt, the Ironclad, and one of the surviving stormblades were all under it with the  Reinhardt and the Ironclad also being also thrown back into a wall.  Before rolling damage Jason threw in the towel as I had two more focus to boost damage and his plan to take out my Conquest was in tatters as it relied on all of those guys being up and functional and even with bad rolls on my part he was convinced that it wasn't going to happen.

I felt very guilty about it as he only got to move once and then lost nearly half his army.

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