Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pre-Game Photos

I'm scheduled to play my first 50 point battle in nine or so hours and, while I plan on doing a post about that battle, I have something old and something new to post.  The old guys are my Nyss Hunters that I painted eight or nine months ago and have used in two battles but that I've never posted a picture of.  The new guys are my Assault Kommando's that I used in the battle of shame and finished up last week.  They're the last Khador unit that needed to paint, all the unpainted guys that I have now are Solo's, two more WG Rocketeers, and my pile of Legion some of which I sent to my great friend Craig to paint for me.  I might have to start working on the rest of them as I'm nearly out of other stuff to paint and we can't have that!

Something Old

I'm not now, nor have I ever been, happy with their skin, I don't like the official "blue skin" color scheme and their skin was actually my first attempt at using a glaze and it's safe to say it failed spectacularly!  I'm comforted by the fact that they look really bad close up but on the table they're not that bad.  Their black armor I painted using only black wash, I put about four coats on over time and that turned out pretty well, that technique pretty much made them auto highlighted and shaded.  I did the same thing with purple wash for their belts and sashes.

Something New

And Assault Kommando's, they're ok I suppose, nothing great and nothing bad.  Sort of like what they are in the game come to think of it.  I hope that they come out with an officer & standard UA or a AK Kovnik solo for them to push them into relevance.  Like I said in my battle report the gas is, in my opinion, worth while against Hordes but there are so many lists that it won't help against that you're essentially buying them for the flamethrowers and the tons of dice they can roll under Assault and Battery.

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